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Epic Science Fiction

Lelu the Starship Mechanic by JsunDmintVeronika Winters by sbalacLaura Lightspeed - Spacefighter Babe by JsunDmintCara Briarstone - Rainstorm by JsunDmintCharacter Commission by timmi-o-tool
The exodus from Earth over 4,000 years ago has lead the Nomadic Earth Empire to the far corners of the universe in search of resources and new worlds to feed its ever growing population and hunger for power. Countless worlds have been swallowed in its wake, more than a few alien species joining its cause to rule existence and therefore, their future.

:iconjsundmint: :iconwreckluse: :iconsbalac: :iconkypcaht: :iconsicilianvalkyrie: :icontimmi-o-tool: :iconpipper-svk: :iconesk6a:
Official artwork created by deviantARTists: These are the artists who have already contributed or are currently creating work that will be an essential part of this universe. Our project is always looking for contributing and guest artists to build upon the universe we are creating. If you're interested in being a part of this creative world, please contact me through the notes section here on deviantART.

I began creating the Quantum: Origins universe a few years ago and have been writing the story of an epic science fiction tale which takes place over 4,000 years into the future. I have always been more of an artist than a writer but I can't partake in one without the other. Writing inspires me to create art and vice versa. This month marks a huge change in the Quantum: Origins universe. I have opened up the project as a collaborative effort to accept the creative input of other artists and writers. The scope of the project is huge. Imagining how many systems, galaxies, and planets that are out there in the vast universe, it's easy to see that there's loads of room for creation. As an artist/writer, I have certain talents and strengths that I do really well and then there are other creative abilities I fall short on. I believe this is the case with many artists but when you have a community that spans a large variety of talents, it can all come together in a perfect meld and produce award winning material. In it's current stage, the project is looking for artists to do character art, create alien races, invent space craft and vehicles, and design new worlds, planets, and systems. We need artists who can submit landscape scenery to our universe. A collaborative example: Someone may design a planet, I would write up the story behind it, and someone else would use that information to paint scenery of the world while yet another artist may feel inspired to create a race indigenous to that planet. Another way of contributing which has already helped support the project: Some artists have the creative spark to just paint. These artists create because it's fun or because it's therapeutic: whatever their reasons, they paint incredible things that don't belong to any current project. Quantum: Origins is proud to give these works of art a home and a story, helping them to become part of an epic collaborative work of science fiction. If we, as a collaborative effort, pour our creativity into this project, it is a very real possibility we'll see it come to life in comics, books, games, TV and Movies. I look forward to working with you all.

The Starsword on Origins



Announcing the Quantum: Origins Contest Winners

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 28, 2013, 4:42 AM


FIRST PLACE: vladimirdrak       SECOND PLACE: DoubleD67         THIRD PLACE: NI-XI

Quantum Origin by vladimirdrak    Lelu : The bubbly and energetic Kraytis by DoubleD67  Veronika Winters by NI-XI


Quantum Origins Contest submission by HayleyWynter  Nahlia by HVaal  Nahlia by Tyffo  <da:thumb id="374630273"/>  CARA by N8MA  FOR Quantum: Origins - Art Contest by gleworld  Contest-Lelu costume design by ohitsuji101


Newest UPDATE:

We are now voting on the contest winners.  Due to a huge delay in major group participation, the finalist poll which includes the top 10 best entries has been published for voting.  Check it out here on my profile JsunDmint and share your VOTE!


I would like to take the opportunity to inform all participants that we are working on getting a voting poll posted for the entries on a large group where there will be a large amount of voters.  I feel like hosting the poll on a group with thousands of watchers is better not only because there will be more voters but it will also get more exposure for your artwork.  When we started the contest, I paid a lot of points to a sponsor group to advertise the contest and to run a poll after the deadline.  This group, Artisan-Guild will not respond to any of my messages or notes.  I have removed them from the sponsor list and sought out another sponsor to do the poll.  I paid points to dAcenter to host the poll and the next day the account came up as a deactivated account.  That's two times I've been scammed but I haven't given up on getting you guys the exposure I promised.  I've left a message for another super group who has been one of our sponsors and inquired about them doing the poll.
I apologize for the delay but I want to ensure you that this vote will happen and you guys will be awarded your prizes.
I'd like to thank everyone involved for the wonderful entries that were submitted and you have my gratitude for your patience while we get this poll business sorted out.

- Jason Dement
  Quantum: Origins Creator

Contest Closed:

Thanks to everyone who participated!  Stand by for official poll and voting information to be posted as soon as our sponsors have completed the setup.


1st Place:

:bulletblue:Two Year Premium Membership on DA.
:bulletblue:Artwork becomes part of the Quantum: Origins Universe and will be featured on The Official Blog
:bulletblue:Journal Feature by JsunDmint, Space-Girls, FantasyG1RLS
:bulletblue:Feature on the :facebook: Facebook Page of Quantum: Origins Creator.  
:bulletblue:"Winner package from ContestsAndGiveaways".  
:bulletblue:"Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup"
:bulletblue:Llama badge

2nd Place:

:bulletred:One Year Premium Membership on DA.
:bulletred:Artwork becomes part of the Quantum: Origins Universe and will be featured on The Official Blog
:bulletred:Journal Feature by JsunDmint, Space-Girls, FantasyG1RLS
:bulletred:Feature on the :facebook: Facebook Page of Quantum: Origins Creator.  
:bulletred:"Winner package from ContestsAndGiveaways".  
:bulletred:"Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup"  
:bulletred:Llama badge

3rd Place:

:bulletpink:Three Month Premium Membership on DA.
:bulletpink:Artwork becomes part of the Quantum: Origins Universe and will be featured on The Official Blog
:bulletpink:Journal Feature by JsunDmint, Space-Girls, FantasyG1RLS
:bulletpink:Feature on the :facebook: Facebook Page of Quantum: Origins Creator.  
:bulletpink:"Winner package from ContestsAndGiveaways".  
:bulletpink:"Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup"  
:bulletpink:Llama badge

7 Runner Ups

:bulletyellow:Journal Feature by JsunDmint, Space-Girls, FantasyG1RLS
:bulletyellow:Feature on the :facebook: Facebook Page of Quantum: Origins Creator.  
:bulletyellow:Llama badge

All Contestants

:bulletyellow:Llama badge
:bulletyellow:Artwork will remain featured in the collection of contest entries forever.
:bulletyellow:Some "honorable mentions" may be featured in journals or on the Quantum: Origins Official Blog as well.

Contest Rules and Guidelines

What is Quantum: Origins?
:megaphone: Be sure to check the Official Contest Page for current up-to-date info on the contest date and prizes.

All participants MUST add JsunDmint to your deviantWatch
This contest involves creating artwork of one or more Quantum: Origins characters.  I want to see artists use the available references to create their work but at the same time, exercise a little artistic freedom with their entries.  If you choose to redesign a costume or make changes to it, be sure that it fits the same style of the character and the Quantum: Origins universe.  Most of the characters have detailed descriptions about their personalities that may help you decide how you want to portray them in your artwork.  If you have any questions about certain characters or ideas, you may send me a note at any time.

Participants may submit as many entries to the contest as they desire.  This could increase your chances of winning and the exposure you receive to your artwork.  However, no participant is allowed to win multiple price brackets (IE:  You may not win both 1st and 3rd place).  
In order to submit an entry into the contest, be sure JsunDmint is in your watchlist.  Place a link to the contest in your deviation's description.  Send a NOTE to JsunDmint with a link to your deviation.  All entries will be added to the Contest Entries Collection.
Contest winners will be determined by Poll which will be featured either on the page of JsunDmint or by our sponsor group Artisan-Guild

Current Contest Close Date: CONTEST CLOSED

:bulletblue:30 JUNE 2013 (Midnight PST):bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Extended from original close date of 31 May to allow more participants and prize donations:bulletblue:

Characters and References

Quantum: Origins Character Compendium (blog)
Complete Official Art Gallery on DA
Some Deviations of Characters are Shown here but may not reflect all Quantum: Origins Characters.  Please check the links above
Lelu the Starship Mechanic by JsunDmintExpress comm #23: Lelu by SicilianValkyrieLELU Collaboration by Sicilianvalkyrie and Jsundmi by JsunDmintLelu Collaboration By DanilLovesFood and JsunDmint by JsunDmintLelu the Starship Mechanic by sbalacLillian "Lilly" PC-8302 by JsunDmintLillian PC-8302 by sbalacTransport ship by KypcaHTSergent Veronika Winters by JsunDmintVeronika Winters by sbalacEmpire Adrift - Panel 1 by JsunDmintCorporal Charlie Fresno - Quantum-Origins by JsunDmintLaura Lightspeed - Spacefighter Babe by JsunDmintExpress #26: Laura Lightspeed by SicilianValkyrieSentinel of The Watch by JsunDmintNahlia by JsunDmintLT Cara Briarstone - Character Sheet by JsunDmintLt. Cara Briarstone by WreckluseExpress comm #24: Lt Briarstone by SicilianValkyrieCara Briarstone - Rainstorm by JsunDmintSpecialist Garret Gunner by JsunDmintCaptain Katyah Carter - Quantum-Origins by JsunDmintExpress #25: Captain Carter by SicilianValkyrieThis is MY F@cking Ship! by JsunDmintSGT Simone Steel - Quantum-Origins by JsunDmintCharacter Commission by timmi-o-toolDarian Phelios - Starsword by JsunDmint
Notes and Disclaimers from JsunDmint
I reserve the right to extend the contest deadline due to participation level.
I reserve the right to add more sources of judges to the contest.  All judges however, will vote through the same poll.  Currently this poll will most likely take place on our sponsoring group Artisan-Guild
I reserve the right to expand upon the contest prizes if necessary or if participation levels exceed expectations.  Contest prizes are already expanding due to donations from sponsoring groups.  Please send me a note if you would like to donate a prize and be added to the list of sponsors.
I reserve the right to redistribute/publish/profit from any media submitted to the contest entries in the Quantum: Origins Art Contest.  While all characters and entities within the Quantum: Origins universe are copyright property, you will be allowed to sell prints of your art and/or publish it in print or otherwise online as long as you credit Quantum: Origins.  All entries are subject to possible exposure in future Quantum: Origins projects.  I also reserve the right to share and otherwise post any works of art deriving from the Quantum: Origins universe on any other web domain as I see fit.  All works will be credited to the artist regardless of where the art is published and will serve to further your publicity.


This contest is sponsored by multiple organizations.  We would like to take a moment to thank all of the contributors.
:iconeliteartists: :icondigitallycreated: Providing premium features on their front page.
:iconfantasyg1rls: :iconspace-girls: Providing premium features on their front page and journal features for contest winners.
:iconanothercontestgroup: :iconcontestsandgiveaways: Providing "winners packages" to contest winners and listing the contest in their directories.
:iconcontest-office: Listing the contest in their directory
:iconallartworld: Listing the contest on their group wall

If you would like to provide prizes for the winners or otherwise sponsor this contest, please contact JsunDmint  Sponsoring the contest or providing prizes for the winners will earn you prime feature placement on the official contest page.

Untrusted Sponsors

These are sponsors who received payment from me to offer features and/or contest voting polls who did not fulfill their side of the bargain despite multiple contact and attempts to resolve the issues.  I would NOT RECOMMEND PAYING POINTS TO THESE ACCOUNTS IN RETURN FOR SERVICES.
:iconartisan-guild:  Offered me a month long front page feature for a large amount of points.  After I paid, another admin told me that I would have to pay more than that if I want a full month of feature but that if I would do so, they would also host the voting poll at the end of the contest.  I paid this extra amount and a week later had my feature removed from the front page.  After a lot of correspondence, this was never remedied.  After the contest end date, they will not respond or post the poll.  This is THEFT.
:icondacenter:  Offered to run a week long voting poll to determine the winners of the contest.  A couple of days after I paid for the poll, they are now a deactivated account.  I don't know the reason for this but once again, we were CHEATED.

HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE? If the same thing has happened to any of you, please share your experience.  Perhaps we can assemble a case to take to the DA administrators.


JsunDmint's Profile Picture
Jason Dement
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Growing as a digital artist, I attempt to always stay motivated and inspired. I hope that most visitors to my gallery would notice a continual pattern of growth/improvement. Most of my works are derived from my own sci-fi universe, QUANTUM: ORIGINS - I invite you to take a look at it and read bits of my story where provided.

I like to meet other artists and I appreciate the social side of deviantART.

Personal Quote: "Accept what you cannot change. Change what is unacceptable"


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